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I facilitate people healing themselves of suffering from pain and chronic illness, by finding and resolving the PRECISE biological conflict causing their symptoms.


Inside Out Healing

We all want to be naturally well and healthy. We continuously cycle through phases of apparent health and sickness. What if all dis-ease was due to either stress or recovery?

Stresses, like drugs, can sometimes feel good at the time, leaving us energised, active and invigorated, filled with a surge of hormones and endorphins, but, just like drugs, the recovery doesn't always feel so great and sometimes it can be addictive.

Consider the activity of a gym workout, or a hard days physical work in the garden. You feel great and empowered, seeing jobs competed and feeling your challenges crumbling away. Then the following day, you struggle to get a glass from the cupboard; you're in pain, tired and hungry. So which day is healthier? If you were to present your symptoms to a health care professional, you might be diagnosed with a disease, until you pointed out what you'd done the day before.

Understanding the source of our pain, allows us to relax and recover without any further concern, or re-visiting never ending symptoms. I help you understand what is happening in your biology and help facilitate relief from the processes you may be caught in.

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William Hughes B.App.Sc.

(German New Medicine Practitioner)


Graduated from the University of Central Queensland, in 1992, with a degree in Applied Science. Further studies included fitness and resistance training in 1997, Neural Linguistics Programming and Hypnosis in 2007, then SCENAR and NES training in 2010. Finally finding my way to German New Medicine late in 2010, I studied initially with John Theobald B.Sc. and then Caroline Markolin Ph.D. from 2012-15. Post graduate studies include Epi-Genetics (Melbourne University) 2013 and Medical Neuroscience (Duke University) 2014. Currently, I am exclusively practicing and teaching GNM in Australia. Ask about arranging a course in your area.

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When a flower doesn't bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower

Alexander Den Heijer

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There are 3 key components to help you heal with GNM.

German New Medicine therapy

Create Awareness

The first step to resolving physical symptoms is to become aware of the PRECISE biological conflicts that induced the changes.  Learning GNM is like finding a roadmap to health, it shows exactly what kind of conflicts are creating your specific symptoms. Using your body to guide we can lift the veil on distress from the past and set you free.

German New Medicine therapy

Break Associations

With any unexpected emotional 'shock' the subconscious mind takes a mental snapshot of everything you see, hear, taste, feel and smell to protect you from future encounters. Each time your subconscious re-encounters a reminder of the initial conflict, the problem is re-activated.  Understanding this is key to relieving chronic dis-ease.

German New Medicine therapy

Shift perspective

The problems we have today are the ones we didn't solve yesterday.  Due to the specific nature of biological conflicts and the GNM understanding, the inner healing work is fast and focused.  I'll help facilitate you to understand your old conflicts in a new way. Relieving the emotional 'charge' you can be at peace and feel safe and whole again. Where the mind goes, the body will follow.

What are people saying?

Chiropractor/GNM Practitioner


Will is an amazing GNM practitioner, healer, and educator. He has helped me through countless conditions and pains I have had over the years. Working with Will is nothing short of amazing - because of his intricate knowledge of the human body, epigenetics, and how the body responds to conflicts, he is able to create radical change and quantum healing in moments. 

The first time I met Will, he helped a groin strain I had for 6 months go from a 7/10 pain intensity to a 0/10 in a 10 minute conversation. This blew my mind! 

Since then I have worked with Will with many other pains and conditions I have had over the years, each time I am equally as amazed and inspired at how effortlessly he can help my body start the healing process. 

He has helped me with back pain, shoulder pain, hair loss, knee and ankle pain, elbow pain, digestive issues and a skin complaint. 

Not only has Will helped me heal personally, he has opened my eyes to the power of the human body! I now KNOW my body is not a victim to circumstance, I feel less fear and I am more empowered. 

It was this inspiration coupled with my own personal changes, that lead me to start studying GNM under Will. His lectures that he delivered were the catalyst for me to start learning this work, and helping people heal naturally. 

If you are thinking of working with Will, DO IT. I know he can help you heal, grow and evolve! 

If you are thinking of attending one of his lectures, DO IT. It will change your whole perspective on health (in a good way!). 

Thank you for everything you have done for me Will, I am forever grateful.

Womens Health Practitioner


Will uses very similar techniques as I do in helping people find relief and resolution from Chronic pain and other conditions - in fact it was Will who taught me one of the techniques I integrate into my work.

It can be hard to get to the root causes in oneself with some events, the Conscious mind tends to get pretty loud and block the path and even us Wellness Practitioners need a little support sometimes, so when I had some gnarly shoulder pain come up a few months ago I reached out to Will for some support on moving through it.

During the 1/2 hours session my pain levels moved from about an 8 down to a 2-3 and less than 24 hours later, the tightness, pain and general (pretty debilitating!) discomfort I had been experiencing was gone. Yep Gone. This kind of condition and frustrating level of pain would usually stick around for at least a week sometimes up to 6 weeks for me.

This, my friends is the power of German New Medicine.

It's what I teach and practise and I'm also so grateful to have other GNM consultants in my community now, to support me through my own healing and grow awareness of this life-changing information.

Thanks again Will, you're one in a Mill(ion). Xx

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